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Happy Thanksgiving!

I had the opportunity to go to Ohio a few weeks ago during the height of fall color. There were moments it simply took my breath away.

Ohio Fall Color 2015

On my return to Los Angeles I was welcomed home to 90° heat with Santa Ana winds – our special SoCal version of fall.

I’ve always loved living in Southern California. We have the beaches, the mountains, and Disneyland all within a short drive. I often forget the beauty of nature that surrounds me. And while I do get to travel a fair amount for my business and for leisure, it’s a rare occurrence to actually get me “outdoors” beyond my garden. I do love my climate-controlled indoor environments.

As I sit here writing this and reflecting on the time I had last month experiencing nature in all its glory and change, it occurred to me it was one more thing I have experienced that I have to be thankful for – the ability to access and explore the vast open spaces the United States offers. We have access to these open spaces through parks and preserves; from local municipal to great national treasures.

I would like to suggest this Thanksgiving, rather than queuing up for your 5 a.m. retail fix (or, God forbid, actually going out shopping on Thanksgiving day), that you and your family spend some time outdoors. Connect with nature. I know I’ll be doing just that.

One Holiday At a Time, Please!

Happy Thanksgiving Card

I was in a large department store over Labor Day weekend this year and found myself caught in some sort of time-space continuum. No, I mean it. From where I stood there was an aisle of summer closeouts: barbecue equipment, patio furniture, and beach towels. On another aisle, back-to-school items were present and accounted for. A third aisle featured Halloween decor and candy. And on the fourth aisle: Christmas lights!

Two things came to my mind immediately. First, for the love of God – it’s still August! And second, where the hell did Thanksgiving go?!

And that’s when I came to the realization that as a nation of consumers we have taught advertisers and big-box retailers that we are willing to go from one sales-centric holiday to the next, with the Mount Everest of Black Friday looming at its pinnacle.

And now Black Friday is creeping into Thanksgiving Day. I am not happy about this!

Fall – in particular, the time between mid-October and Thanksgiving – is my favorite time of year. (Okay, I get it, I’m in Southern California. We don’t have real weather. Still, go with me on this.) The days get shorter, the nights get longer, and things begin to slow down a bit. Right before they slip into hyperdrive – that period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Let me enjoy it! Can we not celebrate Labor-Ween-Thanks-Mas??

Since Thanksgiving is typically about family and friends – no big bucks to be made from turkey dinners – it seems to have vanished altogether anymore.

I say we take it back. I say we protest. How about a post turkey dinner glass of wine, feet up and good conversation instead of a trip to a store. Don’t drink? Then coffee and an extra large slice of pumpkin pie. I even understand there might be a football game or two that day. Whatever your choice is, JUST STAY HOME. Say no to retail. Focus on what you have to be grateful for and surround yourself with it, even if only for just today.

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