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Happy Fourth of July!

USA flag and skyWe have displayed an American flag in our front yard since September 11, 2001. We’ve maintained American flags on the front of one of our businesses since 1994. We live in a quaint little town that actually has a flag shop.

Until today, I have never really thought much about what goes into the care and maintenance of a flag, since mostly that falls into Mr. Rinaldi’s scope of practice around the house.

After doing some research I found a few tips and pointers for you if you decide you to want to display the stars and stripes where you live.

Proper display: A flagpole, attached to a wall, taped over a window – any of these are appropriate. For cars, trains, boats, or your garden decor, red white and blue bunting is appropriate.

Time for display: Inside they may be left up all the time. Outside it should come down at sunset folded neatly and put away safely, or you may choose to light it in which case you can leave it up all night.

Care: You may provide small repairs or for fabric flags that are dirty you may dry clean. However if frayed along the edges or faded it’s time to replace it.

Retirement: It is never appropriate to throw a flag in the garbage. Despite protesters burning our nation’s flag as a sign of disrespect, the appropriate way to retire a flag is to burn it in private with respect.

So join us in displaying Old Glory at your home or business – not just today but every day.