Radio Show: Past Life Regression

Past Lives? Seriously, You Don’t Even Have to Believe 11-04-13

Join Lessons in Joyful Living Radio with Kimberly Rinaldi as she speaks about past life regression. She discusses how past life regression therapy is useful to our lives.

I cannot tell you whether or not to believe. I can only tell you that the concept is not a new one. In fact, it has been around for millennia. The major religions and cultures who embrace a belief in reincarnation include: Hindus, Buddhists, factions of Shiite Muslims, Hasidic Jews, Gnostic Christians, many West African tribes and Native Americans and Inuit. Even today in our very own American culture nearly 30% of the population has a belief system that includes reincarnation or past lives.

I offer to you past life regression as a means of exploring the possibilities. Explore your relationships, your history, your faith and your identity. You do not even have to believe to obtain healing benefits from this therapy.

If you believe in past lives, then you understand we are spiritual beings having a human experience and we access our spiritual memories. If you do not believe in past lives I offer these alternate explanations:

1. We access the Collective Unconscious as defined by Carl Jung, a Swiss Psychiatrist who put forth a theory that there exists a universal human consciousness which holds the collective memories, experiences and wisdom of the human race of which people are able to tap.

2. We access Genetic Memory, the theory that our DNA holds the wisdom and memories of our ancestors.

3. We access our own Subconscious Mind which uses our imagination and metaphors to provide direction, insight and answers to serve our higher self.

So if you believe, then great, but if not, perhaps one of the alternate explanations resonates as a truth for you. Whatever the case, Past Life Regression can make an amazing impact in your growth and understanding of this life.

Past Life Regression therapy is useful in …

– Bringing forth latent talents
– Expanding your sense of purpose
– Resolving fears & phobias
– Resolving sleeplessness
– Resolving stress
– Resolving anxiety and/or depression
– Grief and bereavement
– Career guidance
– Pain relief and release
– Weight loss
– Enhancing relationships
– Fostering forgiveness
– Many other healing modalities

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