Radio Show: Journey to Adoption with Kris Swanson

Journey to Adoption with guest Kris Swanson 11-25-13

Kris Swanson

What happens when you find you are ready to start a family and you don’t have a partner? You either deal with disappointment or learn to get creative. Join me as I speak with my dear friend and adoptive single parent Kris Swanson.

As a speech pathologist, Kris had spent years working with children who have special needs. She knew she had the love and patience to parent. She also knew she had the background to help a child in need.

Learn about the journey she took to find the son she already knew in her heart. She just hadn’t met him yet. From seeing his picture in a “catalog” to the 18-month process of forms and interviews to the life altering trip to China on her journey to motherhood.

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