My Healthy Addiction: Meditation

Yoga and Relax

Prayer is speaking to God, meditation is listening for his answer.

This is the best way to connect with yourself, God, the Universe, or simply the world around you.

I am currently addicted to meditating. I average 3-5 daily.

Some are in the 5-10 minute range while others are good and proper 30-45 minute sessions. I work a lot, I sleep a little.  Meditation keeps me balanced and allows me to be as productive as I can be.

“How do you meditate?” is a question I am frequently asked. I can tell you there is no wrong way. You can chant, dance, sit and quiet your mind, do yoga, weight lift, run, walk or hula hoop at dawn. Any activity that allows you to focus and regulate your breathing is a meditation. The meditation is in the process of returning to

the process if you find your mind wandering away. Find the meditations that work best for you and go for it.

Meditation is the act of bringing your attention back to whatever your intention is. 
~ Kimberly Rinaldi

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  • Eric Earle

    January 5, 2014

    I LOVE THIS!!!!! wow. great post. Meditation rocks!


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