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919470_763159313712483_737039326_oI work as a medium for a good portion of what I do for a living. That means I work with the other side; departed loved ones, spirit guides, angels and, yes, sometimes ghosts.

And the difference between a ghost and spirit is that a ghost has not crossed into the light – they’re sort of stuck on this side.

You can’t turn on the television these days without catching some sort of paranormal programming. One of the common factors that has always bothered me is the drive to find data, while leaving the moral and ethical dilemma of helping the dead unresolved.

I’ve used the example in the past that it would be the same as leaving a lost 5-year-old on a city street without attempting to reunite that child with its parent. When I’m unable to do that — just like being unable to find that child’s parents, the next best thing would be to locate someone who works in law enforcement and turn the child over to them — I will connect that individual with an angel (kind of like law enforcement on the other side).

So when a friend of mine approached me and asked if I wanted to partner with her in a paranormal investigations business, I was hesitant for two reasons. First I understand that a lot of groups really have no desire to assist the dead; their goal is to gather evidence, garner notoriety, and/or promote their own agenda. Secondly, ghosts scare me! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: they don’t listen and they have their own agenda.

Now I realize the second reason may make no sense to some of you since I work as a medium. But as I explained to my business partner, Kitty Janusz, people bring me their dead loved ones. I don’t go looking for discarnate spirits. The messages I get as a medium are mostly about love, healing, forgiveness and the understanding that there is no death. With ghosts, it’s a crapshoot.

After much conversation and planning, Kitty and I launched Into the Light Paranormal. Our goal is to teach not only the technical but the ethical aspects of working with the dead. Our intention is to have overnight events at least 6 times a year when you can come learn about the location, learn about the tools, do an investigation, and experience helping those who can’t help themselves.

Upcoming event: Into the Light Paranormal – Basics, Tools, Methods, Sept 11 in Whittier. Click here to sign up

Kitty Janusz talks about her experience with helping people “into the light”

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