Happy Halloween

Jack-o-lanternsFriday is Halloween, and ghosts (the cute and short kind) will walk among us. As I think back to my childhood I recall I never wanted to be the scary characters for Halloween – I wanted my costume to have a purpose and be pretty. I was a princess, a nurse, and Miss America (that one was my favorite). I never wanted to be scary or ugly or creepy.

I still don’t want to be scary. I want to serve a purpose, and a little mascara, lipstick and concealer go a long way to keep me from being ugly.

As for creepy, some people think what I do is creepy. To them I apologize. I am sorry for causing you discomfort. I cannot and will not change who I am or what I do, though. I am happy and fulfilled this way. Happier than I have ever been, more fulfilled than you can imagine. I help people. I help them with direction, I help them with grief, I help them validate where they are in their lives. I help. Whether it is getting a message from a loved one, identifying a better way, finding a lost object, or simply validating the other side, I help.

In the beginning, my husband, Rick, was not open to this work I do. We had very different ideas about mediumship and psychic work. He was concerned about me and my immortal soul. He has since participated in seances and readings, and he is my biggest supporter now. Why? Because I am happy, my clients are happy, the people around me are happy and thus he is happy. I bring peace, love and Light to everything I do now. I could not say that for the work I did before.

I wish you peace, love and Light on this day, on Halloween, and every day, but most of all, I hope you will Live-Joy-Fully!

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