About Me

Kimberly RinaldiKimberly Rinaldi is a Life Success CoachPsychic, Medium, Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur.

Having created a highly successful coaching practice, Kimberly Rinaldi now teaches Lessons in Joyful Living.

She believes in empowering others. Through that empowerment, you have the ability to break through any and all barriers, thus allowing you to reach your greatest potential and joyfully step into your life purpose. What used to take weeks, months or even years can now be done in a matter of hours with her programs.

With over 20 years in corporate and business development – and decades of combined experience as a Psychic, Medium, Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur – she also incorporates her skills and experience as a Master Trainer in:

  • Hypnosis;
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming);
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques);
  • Coaching;
  • and Reiki.

Kimberly not only helps clients achieve their highest potential and move toward their soul purpose, she also provides them with tools they can carry for a lifetime.

She lives in Whittier, California, with her Prince Charming and basenji.